Pet Friendly Caravan Parks

Dog Friendly Caravan Parks

Australia has many great Pet friendly Caravan Parks

However you need to do your homework before you head away because there are still many that will not allow a pet to stay. We will help make your planning easier.

Dog Friendly Caravan Parks

Dog or cat, bird or reptile you need to know that where you stay will allow a pet. You also need to know some of the rules many of these caravan parks have for when you stay – you need to do the right thing so you, and other visitors, get the most out of the trip.

Some rules for dogs in Caravan parks may include;

  • Dogs and cats are allowed in the cabins but not on furniture
  • Dogs should not be left unattended
  • Noisy dogs are annoying dogs and all efforts should be made for a quiet stay.
  • Dogs may need to be on a leash at all times
  • Dogs may not be allowed in communal areas
  • You must always pick up after your pet
  • No digging

We are working with Caravan parks across Australia to highlight those that allow pets – we are also trying to provide discounts to encourage visits.

We will include a link to Pet Friendly holiday locations so you and your pet can not only find the best places to stay you may get a special bonus,