Kitten Rescue

Rescue a Kitten

We know all about Kitten Rescue.

We do get many, many cats listed for sale and adoption through out the site and we often get kittens that need rescuing as well.

Head to our home page and use our comprehensive search box to find the purrrrfect pet for your household.

Rescue a Kitten

In most cases people will list kittens with a sale price – we encourage this as people value things more when they have to work for them. In addition kittens must be microchipped, vet checked and in most cases desexed – and this comes at a price. So whilst we have rescue kittens listed please do not expect a free kitten.

If you decide a rescue kitten is for you then congratulations! You are saving a little life.

They are also a big responsibility, they take our time, our energy and our money to nurture and grow these little balls of fun but the rewards are huge. So please do not make the decision to buy a kitten lightly, you are making a commitment that could last 20 years.

Here in Australia, in 2020, there are approximately 5,000 pets put down every single week because they can not find a loving new owner, so if you are a person who will love and care for a new kitten you are literally saving a life.

Well done and good luck!