GPS Dog Tracker

Let’s face it – dogs are smart. If they have their hearts set on escaping and exploring we can do lots of things to try and stop them but occasionally they will prevail.

When it does happen your heart misses a beat – where are they? Are they safe? What do I do now?

I’ve lost my dog – a few times. One time a neighbour found him and put him in their car when they went to do the shopping. His name was Mutley (the dog, not my neighbour). Later Mutley was returned safe and sound. 

I often thought imagine if I went up to the shops only to spot my dog in someone else’s car. That would have been funny, and weird.

When I realised he was gone I was worried, stressed, anxious and I had no idea what to do. This was before the invention of GPS Dog Trackers. 

GPS Dog Collar

Now with a GPS Dog Collar I know exactly where Mutley is. I would be able to simply look at my phone and see a map of his current location.

How good is that!

With a good GPS Dog Collar I can even set boundaries and get notifications sent to me if he moves out of those boundaries – ie our house and yard. 

A GPS Dog Tracker is more than just a device that lets me know exactly where my dog, or cat, is. They can also track his movements during the day so I know how much exercise he has had.

A good GPS Dog Collar should be small, waterproof and have a long battery life. 

We do recommend these GPS Dog Collars because they are extremely small, waterproof, have a long rechargeable battery life and come with a sturdy collar if you don’t already have one.

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