Cat Rescue

Rescue A Cat

Here in Australia over 5,000 pets are euthanased (put down) every week. Unfortunately the majority of those pets are cats.

We need to do something about this.

Rescue A Cat

We have lots of cats that need rescuing on our site.

Have a search and contact the owner and they will help you with the transition – please remember it is important to see the cat before you pay any money.

If you are rescuing a cat rather than a kitten it will often come with cat stuff – collar, bed, bowl etc. This all goes into the mix when deciding that it is much better to rescue a cat in need rather than buying a kitten.

Most rescue cats will come with a small price – this covers the cost of any stuff that comes with the cat and also adds value to the cat – people value things they have had to work for an pay for.

Good luck in your search and remember – you are most likely saving a cat’s life when you rescue it!