Cat Rehoming

Giving Your Cat Away

Sometimes we have no choice – we have to find a new home for our precious cat. It’s not easy and it needs to be done with care and caution. Giving a cat away can be necessary because;

  1. A family member has developed an allergy
  2. You may be moving somewhere that does not allow pets
  3. Sometimes the owner passes away
  4. New work commitments means you can not give your cat the attention it needs
  5. Your cat may have given birth to kittens and you need to find them a new home.
  6. Etc. Etc.

Rehoming a cat or kittens it a hard and stressful experience – normally.You have to ensure that the new home your feline ends up at is loving and nurturing and they will look after your cat just as well as you have. It’’s not easy, and can be quite an expensive process.

Surrendering you cat to a shelter is a good option but it means handing over responsibility of deciding who gets your cat to someone else. You have no real say in who ends up with your pet. Most shelters also have a time period where if no home is found for the cat it is put to sleep.There is also a fee involved.

We here at Rescue Pets knew that there was a better way;

  • A way where the owner chooses who gets your cat
  • A way without cost or fee for finding your cat a new loving home
  • A way that ensures your cat would not end up being put to sleep
  • A way that keeps your cat with you, in their own home, until their new owner is found.
  • A way were this whole process can be completed in a few days rather than weeks or months.

Giving Your Cat Away

Every shelter or adoption agency charges a fee for someone to come and get a rescue cat. So basically even when people talk about Rescue or Adoption rather the buying a pet there is no real difference – everyone normally pays. Rescue Pets actually provides a completely free option if desired!!

Charging a fee to obtain a new cat is normal practice and it is also quite acceptable for some owners to charge a small fee to rehome their cat. It is the best and easiest option to give your cat away for free but in some cases the cat may come with a lot of ‘stuff” (bed, collar, bowl etc.) so a small fee is acceptable.

Our suggestion is that you will find it quicker and easier to give your cat away than to sell it but it is quite acceptable to charge a small fee for rehoming. Selling kittens is a completely different matter – we will discuss that in a different kitten blog.

Rescue Pets does not charge to find a new home for your cat – there is an option to run a Verified Listing but it is not mandatory – it is up to you. We have a huge Social Media following (Mainly on Facebook) and our followers are always visiting the Rescue Pets website, looking at the pets and sharing the details with their friends. We have over 200,000 page views every month.

Our goal is to make the transition of finding your cat a new home as simple, quick and painless as possible – for you and your much loved cat.