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Buy a Pet Dog

Dogs are the icing on the cake!

As humans we have meaning things that bring us joy and happiness. Family and friends, food, holidays and trips, events and celebrations – all this plus we have the opportunity to have a dog in our lives.

They love us, the bring us such joy, they make us laugh and they are the icing on the cake.

If you have the opportunity to have a dog in your life you should take it – however it is a very important commitment. Their whole lives revolve around you.

So whilst we think everyone should own a dog we know that not everyone can make the commitment needed. A dog owner knows that they need to take the good with the bad – the affection with the toilet training, the fun with cleaning up the poo, the loyalty with the dog hair.

We have thousands of dogs available on our site and we would really highlight that a slightly older rescue dog is the way to go. Puppies are awesome but rescues have an uncertain future and need our help.

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Have a look at these two happy dogs after they were rescued;